Maximize workout results

Worldwide clinical studies have shown the impact of Electronic Muscle Stimulation on muscle growth . The SUPMOGO wearable drives lactic acid away from the muscle, refreshing the affected area with oxygenated bloodflow.

Improve recovery time

Reduce lactic acid buildup, soreness, and time to recover with the SUPMOGO Regenerative Wearable. Increase access to your body with less recovery time, improving workout availability and overall physical wellness.

Enhance Injury Rehabilitation

SUPMOGO utilizes technology once only available to physical therapists and pain management specialists. EMS has seen widespread use in clinical settings, benefitting everyone from geriatric patients to professional athletes.

Boost Your Metabolism

Boost your metabolism with SUPMOGO. Electronic Muscle stimulation is renowned for boosting basal metabolic rate and enhancing energy expenditure during workouts.

Burn more calories

Electronic Muscle Stimulation has been proven to aid in the increase of energetic output and calorie burn during activity, while increasing metabolic rate and recovery at rest. The SUPMOGO wearable is universally beneficial for burning fat cells and enhancing muscular gains.