SUPMOGO: Step by Step Instructions

STEP 1: Open the SUPMOGO Carrying Case and remove all of the materials:

- The Regenerative Wearable Belt
- The Wash Bag
- The User Manual
- The Smart Battery
- The USB-C Charging Cable (charge before use)
- The LED Light Cover
- The Spray Bottle.

STEP 2: Fill the spray bottle to get ready for use.

STEP 3: Spray the conductive pads with water until fully saturated.

STEP 4: Clip the Smart Battery onto the belt.

STEP 5: Add the 10’’ inch extender if needed.

STEP 6: Download the SUPMOGO App on your smartphone and turn on your Bluetooth settings.

STEP 7: Wrap the Regenerative Wearable Belt around your waist. Press and hold the power button on the battery for 2 seconds until it flashes blue.

STEP 8: Pair the device. The light will flash green once it is paired.

STEP 9: Press quick start and the light will turn solid green.

STEP 10: Begin your workout by slowly adjusting intensity, pulse, and rest.

Enjoy your journey with SUPMOGO!