Chief Executive Officer

Mentor, Fitness Enthusiast, Coach, Athlete, and CEO, Maged Muntaser has the drive to push people to see past the ordinary. Being consistent and setting the bar high leaves no room to settle for average. Growing up in a family business, he saw at a young age what dedication, sacrifice and hard work really meant. With 10+ years of experience in business management and digital pursuits for different brands, his eye for creativity and strategy is at an all-time high. Combining data, execution, inspiration, and innovation brings a community together and leads to exponential growth.

Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Peter Michael

Dr. Peter Michael is a board certified physician and has a background in Sports Medicine with over 10 years of experience in the field. He has also completed a fellowship in Interventional Spine and another in Regenerative Medicine, becoming one of the pioneers in stem cell and PRP therapy in South Florida. Along with his credentials, what truly sets him apart is his passion in helping others look and feel their absolute best, which has also set him on a path that has helped countless people along the way. Dr. Michael's knowledge, research, and determination in optimizing his patients allowed him to assist in the development of SUPMOGO. Utilizing cutting edge medical techniques while combining the latest technological advancements, Dr. Michael continues to defy the odds.

Director of Research and Development
Dr. Robert Safranski

Dr. Safranski has an understanding in human anatomy and physiology as well as structured approach to health through chiropractic and biomechanics to allow athletes and everyday people to function at their peak with no pain. As a former athlete he has taken his experience working with amateur and professional athletes to treat everyday people with the same level of service and care the top athletes receive. His proactive approach has led him to dive deep into the research and development here at SUPMOGO. He explicitly thinks a multimodal approach to any health issue can be done with technology and good old fashioned hard work!

Director of Holistic Medicine
Dr. Anthony Andreoni

After graduating medical school at Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine followed by his general surgery residency, Dr. Anthony Anderoni has become one of the largest holistic medicine providers in Miami. Academically, he has over 10 publications, 1 book chapter, multiple conference presentations, and much more in the works. Dr. Andreoni's main areas of focus are pain management and quality of life. Being a previous patient as well as an athlete and current fitness enthusiast, he is able to integrate the experience and knowledge to provide the best patient care.

Director of Business Operations
Lee Alkoby

Lee Alkoby is a tech-savvy web developer who transforms businesses through innovative marketing strategies increasing efficiency using data integration. With over 6 years of experience managing his own business and becoming the Director of Business Operations at SUPMOGO, he excels at incorporating communication, customer satisfaction, and financial returns while leading a team through professionalism, engagement, and direction. Lee strives to create a business foundation that is based on purpose, passion, and perseverance, reaching new heights every step of the way.

Jared Siemens

Jared Siemens is a driven, business marketing developer, who found a passion in a video production, integrating vision and execution to meet brand standards. Transforming the way people view experiences, purpose, and visual communication as a whole. With over 5 years in the industry, keeping creativity as the focal point in every proposal, pitch, and video allows clients and users to tell a story. As the creative director at SUPMOGO, captivating people's attention through fresh ideas, specific markets, and inspiration is what keeps the mission of the company intact. Jared pushes boundaries and encourages the team to perform at their best with everything they do.

Brand Manager
Daniela Bernal

Daniela Bernal embodies everything to do with creativity, drive, quality, grit, and proficiency. With over 8 years of experience in art, design, and branding, she continues to show how graphics connect people to their vision. Being a part of digital marketing, product illustration, and developing concepts daily has provided a pathway for the business to keep moving forward. As the brand manager, she puts purpose, talent, and innovation at the forefront of everything she does. Bringing people together and ensuring that nothing gets left unnoticed. Believing that we can always strive for more, no matter the triumph.

Fitness Director
Rob Rosinsky

Nationally certified trainer, business owner, athlete, Rob Rosinsky has been in sports for as long as he can remember. From playing soccer professionally in college to paving a new path to help others with their fitness goals, he decided to follow his dream of opening up his own facility, PIT Fitness, otherwise known as Partner Interval Training, which has been running for 6+ years and has empowered others to push the limit and put action behind every good intention. As an entrepreneur and coach at SUPMOGO, he always creates an environment that makes you feel like you're part of something bigger than yourself. Through his certification, experience at different facilities, athletic training, and management, he is committed to making a difference.

Health & Wellness Advisor
Maya Valenti

As a professional chef and the founder of We Movement Miami, Maya Valenti decided to go into the health and fitness industry about 5 years ago to create a platform that would build people up and transform how they view themselves. She is a certified ISSA nutritionist who truly believes in helping the community and building a relationship between the mind and body. She not only changes lives in the kitchen but through her voice when hosting events for women empowerment. Combining leadership, communication, compassion, dedication, and experience to add value in every business venture.

Public Relations Manager
Alexis Marsowicz

Writer, Social Media Director, and PR Manager, Alexis Marsowicz has learned from years of experience that passion and hard work go hand in hand if you want to grow and become successful. "Being involved in a brand that has purpose is one thing, but becoming the brand and loving what you do daily is everything," she says. With over 4 years of experience, starting her career as a sales executive and moving her way towards digital marketing, she developed her position as a copywriter to reach a bigger audience. Alexis tries to impact every person, brand, and situation she gets involved in, to show that you can always help others do better by being better.

Director of Affiliate Marketing
Natalie Stevenson

Natalie Stevenson is a marketing creator driven by project development, critical thinking strategies, and helping build strong business relationships to improve the foundation that we build off of. She is a versatile asset to our team, assisting with communicating with clients and customers daily to ensure their involvement will make an impact that is mutually prosperous. With an extensive background as a marketing consultant, Natalie guides individuals through user engagement, brand awareness, and participating in event planning to demonstrate our products. With her forward-thinking concepts and passion for community, she is dedicated to creating a well-rounded platform for unlimited growth.