Produces heat to reduce cramping

Electronic Stimulation aids in the natural production of heat in the body, replacing the antiquated use of hot water bags and other heat creation tools to reduce the pain and consistency of period cramps.

Decreates period bloating

EMS and body heat generation decreases the impact and volume of menstrual bloating and uterine contractions. The SUPMOGO Regenerative Wearable provides a one-two punch against the worst impacts of the menstrual cycle.

Releases beta endorphins to combat pain

Electronic Stimulation releases beta endorphins and enkephalins into the bloodstream to modulate pain through the body, reducing the impact period pain has on your daily life, keeping your schedule and priorities in line.

enhances postpartum recovery

In some European countries EMS is commonly prescribed for postpartum women. For nursing women and those in postpartum recovery, the SUPMOGO Regenerative Wearable drastically improves the pace of rehabilitation and the strengthens the pelvic floor, healing the affected area faster while reducing incontinence issues.