The Smart Battery: about 23.3g
The SUPMOGO™ Belt: about 4.76oz

SUPMOGO™ Regenerative Wearable™: 78.7% Nylon + 21.3% Spandex

Bluetooth Specifications:
Version: Bluetooth Low Energy Ver 5.0
Radio Frequency: 2.4 Ghz band FH-SS
Supported Configuration: Device Information Service / Battery Service (Standard specification)
Distance/Range: About 10 meters
Voltage: 0.4 W
Power Source: Battery Information: 3.7V 200mAh
Power Input: 6V 180mAh

1) SUPMOGO™ Regenerative Wearable
2) The Smart Battery
3) The 10 Inch Extension
4) USB-C Smart Battery Charging Cable
5) LED Light Cover
6) SUPMOGO Spray Bottle
7) Wash Bag