The Technology


SUPMOGO's proprietary fabric is made with nano-scale silver ions and has no side effects such as those seen with general chemical products. Currently, silver fiber is the most ideal method to radiation-proof fabric and the material of choice in radiation protection suits.

EMF Radiation

The nano-scale silver found within our conductive fabric has fantastic conductivity, which is several times if not hundreds of times more conductive than other metals. This is the basic principle behind conductivity and radiation resistance, which in turn states that our fabric woven with this natural element makes an excellent material for shielding electromagnetic radiation.


The mechanism of sterilization from our conductive fabric is to block the physiological process of bacteria. In a warm and humid environment, silver ions have a very high biological activity meaning that it is easily combined with other substances to coagulate the proteins inside and outside of the bacterial cell membrane. It can resist 99.9% of bacteria that are exposed to surface phenomena within one hour after testing. This effect is permanent and will not decrease due to time and washing. Even after 300+ machine washes, the antibacterial function is still not reduced.

Anti-Odor Technology

Utilizing the nano-scale silver ions within our conductive fabric has made our product anti-mildew and deodorizing. The growth of bacteria will cause the body to produce odor, but with the natural element, it can quickly absorb ammonia and degraded protein to reduce or eliminate the odor.


The nano-scale threaded silver in our conductive fabric has high conductivity, resisting 5,000 volts of static electricity, and has an electromagnetic shielding function. It will quickly eliminate the static electricity generated by friction and makes the product feel comfortable without it. Thus, our product can conduct very quickly and effectively while protecting the human body from electromagnetic waves.

Thermal Insulation

Silver fiber can quickly dissipate the temperature on the skin to lower the body temperature and achieve a cool feeling. Silver is the most effective storage and reflection material which can store or reflect radiation energy back to the body to produce the best warmth. In cold environments, the human body's pores shrink and instead of producing sweat, they instead emit radiant energy to regulate body temperature.

HealthCare Function

The benefits to using our conductive fabric is the promotion and increase of blood circulation to muscle tissues, elimination or significant reduction of muscle fatigue achieving the function of healthcare and wellness.