Developed by doctors to target the root of the problem, not just the pain symptoms themselves. Not only does it provide immediate relief from pain, but it also helps to restore the body so that you can get long lasting relief Developed by doctors to target the root of the problem, not just the pain symptoms themselves. Not only does it provide immediate relief from pain, but it also helps to restore the body so that you can get long lasting relief

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Engineered by Doctors

Engineered by Doctors

Engineered by Doctors

The Science Behind The Technology




There’s something uniquely discomforting about the slow onset back pain that stems from years of entrepreneurship and long nights at my computer. When I need to give more to my business and my back starts to hurt, the SUPMOGO belt adds a charge to my workflow that pushes me across the finish line.

Danny Iqbal: Business Owner & Investor

I am addicted to my Regenerative Wearable! It's amazing how thin and discreet the belt is whether I'm wearing it while grocery shopping or at the office. I'm in love with the results I am seeing.

Doctor Sara Daneshpajouh: DMD

After the first week, I could already feel and see a difference in my abs. I live a very active Miami lifestyle, attorney by day and entrepreneur by evening. So SUPMOGO comes in handy for whichever crazy hour I head into the gym or the office. I can wear it under my suit every day since I don't have to deal with gel pads anymore.

Caesar Chukwuma Esq.: Attorney

We’ve all seen how the SUPMOGO Regenerative Wearable can tighten abs and alleviate back pain, but ladies will love the results I’ve experienced when using the SUPMOGO belt to alleviate menstrual pain and cramping. When I'm busy with my branding agency and the time comes, I can strap up my belt and use the power of my own body through my Smartphone to dial-up drug-free pain relief. I’ll never need ibuprofen again!

Caitlin Gainer: Influencer & Marketing Manager

Being a mom of two beautiful twins my hands are always full! I am not always able to prioritize fitness. I never have a set schedule so SUPMOGO has really made me feel like supermom! After a full 6 weeks, I already feel brand new, and I still get everything done at home!

Kristen Barber: Physician Assistant

As a special needs dentist, my days are pretty filled up and my routine is pretty much set for me. I care about my physical health just as much as my career, so the Regenerative Wearable has allowed me to stay on track wherever I am. It keeps my core tight on the job and even when I'm at home with the family!

Doctor Mo Sirage: DMD M.S.

As a fitness & bodybuilding coach I’m always looking for that extra edge to provide my athletes. In the world of hyper-competitive, super athletic clients I primarily work for, any small enhancement could be the difference between first or second place. The SUPMOGO Regenerative Wearable belt accelerates recovery time at rest and amplifies workout performance during activity. It’s a win-win around the clock. My athletes love it!

Prep By Will: Fitness & Bodybuilding Coach

As a business owner, the hours just add up! I have always put my work and fitness at the top of my priority list, but life happens and things change. So finding SUPMOGO has been nothing short of amazing. I am able to work out my abs at the office and everywhere I travel to! It's so comfortable and easy to use!

Yasmin Morshedian : Founder of YM Legal

As an architect, design is everything! The SUPMOGO belt has definitely surprised me with how sleek and flexible it is, and how efficiently it functions. I wear it to every meeting now and people have no idea. It's now just a part of my every day routine.

Austin Fox: Architect
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Drug-Free Pain Relief

The SUPMOGO™ Regenerative Wearable™ Belt is the first Electronic Muscle Stimulator on the market that uses an advanced pain relief & strengthening delivery system powered by water. SUPMOGO™ Regenerative Wearable™ Belt features a thin, sleek & comfortable design that delivers 100 different intensity levels powered by a smart app.

The Secret is in the Fabric:
SUPMOGO™ can deliver astounding results in extraordinary ways due to the proprietary conductive material that has been seamlessly integrated into the belt. The revolutionary fabric, engineered to be flexible and discreet, is what sets SUPMOGO™ apart from other EMS products on the market. The Regenerative Wearable™ Belt is not only machine washable, but it is also anti-bacterial, making the cleaning process as convenient as wearing it.

Advanced Smart Battery Controlled by Your Fingertips:

Our Smart Battery is highly portable and low profile, snapping directly into the center of your SUPMOGO Regenerative Wearable without the need for wires. Controlled through our mobile app, the SUPMOGO battery delivers 10 hours of unrivaled efficiency to achieve deeper muscle contractions and a broader distribution of impact through the body. Our SUPMOGO mobile app gives you the ability to choose the intensity, rest time, and duration of contraction – customizing your experience to fit your needs.

The Smart Battery: about 23.3g
The SUPMOGO™ Belt: about 4.76oz

SUPMOGO™ Regenerative Wearable™: 78.7% Nylon + 21.3% Spandex

Bluetooth Specifications:
Version: Bluetooth Low Energy Ver 5.0
Radio Frequency: 2.4 Ghz band FH-SS
Supported Configuration: Device Information Service / Battery Service (Standard specification)
Distance/Range: About 10 meters
Voltage: 0.4 W
Power Source: Battery Information: 3.7V 200mAh
Power Input: 6V 180mAh

1) SUPMOGO™ Regenerative Wearable
2) The Smart Battery
3) USB-C Smart Battery Charging Cable
4) SUPMOGO Wash Bag
5) LED Light Cover
6) SUPMOGO Spray Bottle
7) Owners manual