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Getting creative with your time, especially when it comes to exercising with your kids, can develop such a great connection. Now, it takes plenty of time, energy, patience, attentiveness, while trying to raise children in general, so coming up with new things is important. Thinking outside the box and creating an interactive space for everyone changes things up a bit. Forming a special bond with your children while trying to take care of your mental and physical health can truly make an impact. Kids usually have tons of energy, so in this case it’s time to take advantage of that! Being interactive can entertain them while making things go by a little faster for you! Getting creative and introducing physical activity builds a healthy relationship with wellness and helps with learning how to work together to get things done. 


  • Start somewhere, set goals, and remind yourself of where you are headed. Whether that is a 10 minute walk, a 5 minute job, or playing catch with your child. It will add up!
  • Plan a day to do an activity with the family, like a park date, or walking to the nearest store. Playing outside to get some fresh air, while furthering your connection with everyone and your body. 
  • Getting creative between day and night with cooking, bath time, or even while trying to get some work done, squeezing in some squats, lunges, or even yoga poses with your child can make a huge difference for you and them. It can even push them to want to try new things!
  • Setting a reasonable schedule that will include 5 or 10 extra minutes in the morning or at night that will help set the day up for success, like morning meditation or quick pilates or ending the night on a high note and stretching and relieving the tension.
  • Trying the SUPMOGO Fitness Wearable Belt while you are taking on daily activities with your children, family members, or even alone, will basically do the core workout for you passively or actively. 


  • You are doing the best you can with what you have right now.
  • You can’t be everything for everyone all of the time.
  • You can’t neglect yourself and expect to live fully.
  • You can always be better than yesterday, but don’t let yesterday affect you today.
  • You can start over again and try harder with each setback. 
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