How to Reduce Period Pain At Home | Best Relief Tips!

How to Reduce Period Pain At Home | Best Relief Tips!

Is it time to open the calendar app twice a day to check when are the painful guests arriving? The time when you constantly urge to tear your uterus and carve out the relentless pain. 

As women, we have admitted that this excruciating pain is in our fate. However, the concept is entirely wrong!

It is never okay to tolerate pain under any circumstances. Gone are the days when women had to manage work, fulfill household responsibilities, and suffer alone. You can now say goodbye to your period cramps by welcoming many safe at-home remedies. 

This article will shed light on seven relief tips on how to reduce period pain at home. Here's what we'll learn in this article.

  • Period Pain Exhaustion | A Never-Ending Cycle
  • 7 Period Pain Relief Tips That Actually Work
    • Hot Water Bag
    • Pain Relieving Medicines 
    • Get Your Vitamins 
    • Use Essential Oils
    • SUPMOGO | The Most Effective Period Pain Relief Belt
    • The Mighty Yoga
    • Stay Hydrated 

Period Pain Exhaustion | A Never-Ending Cycle

Period pain is a sharp pinching pain you feel in the abdominal area. This pain comes in stages and feels different during the month.

While struggling to fight period pain, the thought might have come into your mind why is this pain happening? What's the link? 

The primary reason why you feel period cramps is because of the shedding of your uterus lining. This shedding starts as a result of muscle contractions that rattles your uterus to shed the lining and as a result, bleed. 

You experience numerous mild contractions in your body every day, but they're so gentle that most women don't feel them. However, during periods, these contractions become intense and are more noticeable. 

7 Period Pain Relief Tips That Actually Work

7 Period Pain Relief Tips That Actually Work

Tell that pain that you're not welcome here anymore! Because we're here with 7 relief tips on how to get rid of period cramps at home. Let's dive in!

1. Hot Water Bag

The old-school hot water bag is as practical as any of the remedies can get. Every woman must have used a hot water bag once in her lifetime. Because hot water bags are a woman's best friend!

The heat generated from the hot water bag relaxes the roaring aches caused by muscle and blood vessel contractions. Therefore, heat therapy regulates and eases blood flow to the uterus – making periods less painful. 

Research also provides evidence of the effectiveness of heat therapy for treating primary dysmenorrhea (period pains). Another research shows that heat therapy combined with mild exercise can provide the ultimate period pain relief to dysmenorrhoeic girls. 1 2

2. Pain-Relieving Medicines

Pain-Relieving Medicines  Supmogo blog
Most women are familiar with over-the-counter medications for pain relief. Whenever it's your first day, you grab an NSAID and self-medicate to relieve your troubling pain – and why not? Anti-inflammatory painkillers such as ibuprofen and naproxen are good for relieving pain within a few hours.

According to research, women face heavy period pain because their womb produces too much of the chemical messenger prostaglandin. NSAIDs block the production of prostaglandin and block pain temporarily. However, long-term use of medication is not recommended. 

3. Get Your Vitamins and Minerals 

No matter how much busy you get with your daily life chores, you should never miss your vitamins! 

According to research, vitamin D efficiently works for pain relief of primary dysmenorrhea (period pain). Moreover, minerals such as magnesium are known for relaxing muscles, easing discomfort, and tightening abdominal muscles. 3

Furthermore, Omega 3 fatty acids are a powerful healing element as their anti-inflammatory actions battle inflammatory chemical responses (prostaglandin) and provide optimal relief. 

So, if you want to reduce period pain at home, ensure that you always take your vitamins and minerals timely!

4. Use Essential Oils

Massage is also one of the best home remedies for menstrual cramp relief used worldwide. Using essential oils, you can try a light and easy circular massage around your abdomen. 

Moreover, you can use essential oils for aromatherapy. Research recommends using rose essential oil to eliminate primary dysmenorrhea, as its aromatherapy helps reduce period pain. A study found that women given aromatherapy with rose essential oil had less period pain than those who didn't.

5. SUPMOGO | The Most Effective Period Pain Relief Belt

Some women search for ways how to get rid of period cramps fast without medicine. For these women, SUPMOGO is the ultimate answer! 

The SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt brings new and innovative technology to the market. Say goodbye to your period cramps because SUPMOGO knows how to tackle them! This pain relief and strengthening belt uses natural heat therapy to soothe constricted blood vessels and muscles and provides long-lasting pain relief. 

SUPMOGO’s features don't end here; this patented belt features water-activated EMS technology that synchronizes to your body delivering extractly what’s needed through your abdominal area and eases the contracted muscles. 

Interested in learning more about SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt? Check out our blogs, Instagram or YouTube!

6. The Mighty Yoga

Initially, exercise or yoga might sound painful or burdensome during periods when you don't feel like moving. However, moving your muscles around your abdominal area can increase blood circulation, ease tight muscles, and regulate blood flow. You can undoubtedly use yoga as one of the home remedies for cramps and period pains. It will help you relax physically as well as mentally.

In a study, 34 volunteers were studied after dividing them into two groups. One was with yoga practices, and the other was with the control group. The results showed significant improvement in the yoga group's menstrual pain and physical fitness.  

7. Stay Hydrated 

It's basic; when your body is decreasing fluids, it needs more fluid to maintain good health. Drinking water might be among the best home remedies for period pain. It will alleviate your period cramps naturally by thinning your blood and promoting optimal blood flow. 

The Final Takeaway!

Although period pain is a natural body phenomenon, there’s no need to live with this pain. Especially, when you can use tons of home remedies or even use the SUPMOGO pain relief belt. 

If you are searching for ways how to reduce period pain at home then follow our SUPMOGO-approved 9 Strategies for Period Abdominal Pain Relief tips and say goodbye to the painful days!

Stay hydrated, do yoga, take your vitamins and minerals, use essential oils, take NSAIDS, use a hot water bag, OR leave everything behind and just grab your SUPMOGO belt today and heal while you have fun!



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