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Revolutionary Tool | SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System

The SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System isn't the first electromagnetic stimulation product available, but it is the best! Backed by our team of incredible doctors, carefully researched, proprietary materials, and the adoration of our growing fanbase, the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System is the new standard bearer in the EMS world. Read on and learn why our belt far surpasses the competition in every which way. Find out which reason to choose SUPMOGO suits you best!
No Wires Or Gel Pads | The SUPMOGO Blog
The promise to deliver medical grade technology to the everyday consumer was part of what brought the EMS industry into the mainstream eye. For years, we needed an injury, a script, and a physical therapist to access some of the tools we are blessed to bring home today. Unfortunately, many of these tools wind up requiring consistent cleaning, maintenance, and space to occupy. With the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System, the wires are gone! Furthermore, the once messy gel packs required to conduct the pulses created between the belt and your body are gone. This represents, from an ease-of-use perspective, one of the most significant developments in EMS technology to date.
Your Body Works For You | The SUPMOGO Blog
Before SUPMOGO, the EMS belts sold to the public required a conductive gel pad to transmit the pain relieving stimulation to the core. With the SUPMOGO belt, say goodbye to gel pads! Our proprietary fabric utilizes the body's sweat and sodium to conduct the contraction, mitigating the need altogether to bother with these otherwise messy, inconvenient, and uncomfortable conduits. 

Powered By Your Smartphone
We've seen comparable EMS products that rely on wires connected to an often attached device specifically purposed for powering the product. Beyond this being a relic of the analog age, these inbuilt devices are what bind your wearable attachment to the wires, not to mention fail to harness the impressive power of modern smartphone technology. Because we are a technology company specializing in EMS, our fully customizable smartphone app allows for an evolutionary experience that allows our products to grow alongside our mobile technologies.
Machine Washable | The SUPMOGO Belt
This might be the most indirect but most popular standout fact about theSUPMOGO Recovery Flex System. Without the presence of gel packs and wires, simply snap the battery pack off the belt and toss it in the washer! We couldn't imagine it any other way. With EMS products expected to be used during and after exercise and likely to reach contact with sweat, why settle for anything that can't be washed?
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