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5 Ways to Fix Back Pain When Bending Forward | Back Pain Relief!

Imagine going out for dinner, and your date drops something. You lean down to pick it up, and…whoops!

A sharp, throbbing pain shoots down your back and sabotages the whole mood.

The back pain when bending forward starts somewhere in the back and moves towards the hips and legs. Often this painful sensation is not new; it may have taken shelter in your body for a long time.

But why does it happen? What is the reason that initiated this piercing back pain?

If you want to learn more about 5 ways to fix back pain when bending forward, stick around to learn about the pain areas, their reasons, and how to fix them.

Here's what you'll learn.

  • Common Reasons For Back Pain
  • Why Do You Get Upper Back Pain?
  • Why Do You Get Middle Back Pain?
  • Why Do You Get Lower Back Pain?
  • Why Do You Get Back Pain When Bending Forward?
  • 5 Incredible Methods Of Fixing Back Pain Fast!
    • Follow A Correct Bending Technique
    • Keep A Good Posture
    • Use Back Pain Belts For Faster Relieve
    • Stretch And Strengthen Your Core
    • Try Alternating Ice And Heat Therapy

Common Reasons for Back Pain 

The back is a delicate part of our body that seems tough but can be affected by several factors. Back pain might generate from the upper back, middle back, lower back, or complete back muscles. There are a few possible causes for each type of back pain.

Let's get down to the root causes in detail. 

Why Do You Get Upper Back Pain?

Have you ever felt radiating pain in a nerve in the upper shoulder? A mild ache during shoulder movement? Or a sharp and sudden stabbing feeling between your shoulders?

Upper back pain can initiate anywhere, starting from the neck to the coccyx. Research demonstrated that upper back pain is common during student life and can continue into working life if not taken care of properly. [1]

The primary reason behind upper back pain when bending forward is bad posture or injuries during exercises. Other causes include disk problems, arthritis, and carrying lots of weight, such as a backpack.

Why Do You Get Middle Back Pain?

Middle back pain when bending forward is the worst! You can't walk, you can't sit, you can't lay down; it feels like your entire back is pounding in pain. However, middle back pain is less common than lower and upper back pain.

The middle back pain specifically surrounds the ribs and the area behind your heart. That's why middle back pain when bending over can also feel like an ache in the heart. There are many reasons for middle back pain, such as extended desk hours, repetitive motions, over-exercising, poor postures, etc. 

Why Do You Get Lower Back Pain?

The most common type of back pain is LBP. According to Cleveland Clinic, around four out of five people face lower back pain. You might have also felt this pain after lifting heavy weights, a long drive, standing for long hours, waking up after sleeping in an unsupportive position, or mild low back pain when bending forward.

There can be other underlying reasons for LBP, such as Herniated disk, Sciatica, and Spondylolysis. In the United States, around 40% of people experience sciatica at least once in their life. 

Moreover, the weakness of spinal discs or a slipped spinal disc can also result in severe shooting pain in the lower back. Most of the time, this type of pain is dealt with by NSAIDs. However, other approaches can also help in relieving pain.

older man bending over the bed in pain, to the left it says bend without hurting your back!

Why Do You Get Back Pain When Bending Forward?

Most of the time, people report that they feel back pain when leaning forward. No one wants to feel like a crippled person during their shining years. Improper posture is one of the major reasons behind back pain while bending forward. You might be wondering how there can be a wrong posture for bending.

Well, to your surprise, there is a proper posture for bending.

People bend habitually by initiating their back to lower down using back muscles. However, this act can stretch your muscles, strain them, and make the discs of your back move in a backward direction–triggering a sharp pain. 

Keep on reading to find the best way to bend without hurting your back!

5 Incredible Methods of Fixing Back Pain Fast!

If you're also one of those whose back hurts to bend forward, here are five effective ways that can assist in fixing, minimizing, and preventing back pain.

1. Follow a Correct Bending Technique

Following are some easy and efficient bending techniques that can assist you in bending forward.

  • Rather than focusing on your back to move, bend your knees first when bending forward. It will use your core and legs to bend and protect your discs from shifting and creating unusual stretches. 
  • When you are bending forward, avoid twisting your spine at any angle. 
  • Balance both of your feet at shoulder width to avoid falling.
  • Place your feet firmly.
  • Don't carry weighted things while you are leaning forward. i.e., picking heavy weights.
  • When you're carrying anything, such as a tray of glasses, keep it close to your core/waist.

2. Keep A Good Posture

3 images of a woman laying down sleeping, the top image is the correct posture for sleeping with the spine leveled with the head, the middle image shows the incorrect position to sleep in with the head too high and the hips too long, the bottom image also shows the incorrect way of sleeping, with the head too high and the shoulders too low and the hips too high.

You're still sitting with your shoulders bounced up and you're back bent a little. Right?

You might not notice these tiny details but they hugely impact our pose. 

Posture unawareness is the leading reason behind improper posture. People don't know the importance of having a good posture and how it can help them prevent back pain when bending over. Even the posture you have when you are sleeping has tremendous effects on your health as well.

In 2018 research, researchers observed that self-reported improvements in postural awareness are linked with reduced pain in patients with spinal/shoulder pain. [2]

3. Use Back Pain Belts For Faster Relieve

Back pains work efficiently for supporting movements and treating back pains. Your movements may become troublesome and aching as soon as you turn 40 because the intervertebral discs start drying out and shrinking. This process initiates thriving pains and causes trouble during activities.

Back lumbar support belts help adjust the posture and strengthen the core to bend and perform all movements. SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt is one of the best back pain belts that supports movements such as lower back pain when bending forward or leaning forward.

The flexible fabric provides enough elasticity and stretches to increase the range of motion to bend forward as much as the wearer wants.

Moreover, the Supmogo Recovery Flex System Belt will brace and stabilize the discs and prevent them from moving outwards during bending motions. 

4. Stretch and Strengthen Your Core

young woman doing a split and reaching over her head with her right arm while wearing the SUPMOGO Regenerative Wearable and below her says effective stretching

According to research, exercise and stretching are effective for preventing LBP. When you stretch, you practice your back to relax and lengthen your muscles. However, ensure you do not overstretch your muscles and build a strain. Hence, adequate exercise is mandatory. [3]

Some easy-to-do stretches can help you avoid upper, middle, and lower back pain after bending forward.

Following are some of them mentioned for you:

  • Knee to chest
  • Cat-cow stretch
  • Seat forward bend
  • Flexion rotation
  • Belly flops

5. Try Alternating Ice and Heat Therapy

Another great approach for treating back pain is ice and heat therapy. Don't worry; we're not talking about our teeth' health!

The interchanging heat and ice therapies work wonders with pain.

Whenever you feel like your back hurts to bend over, use cold therapy immediately after you feel the pain. It will reduce inflammation and prevent tissue damage. If the pain doesn't stop, apply heat therapy to heal tissues and regulate optimal blood circulation. 

The Final Takeaway!

Back pain has been with humans since the beginning of time. It never leaves anyone alone, whether you're a teenager, adult, or older adult.

If your back hurts when bending over, try the ultimate five ways we've listed above to prevent these issues.

But if you want a quick and long-lasting fix, SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt will help you prevent back pain when bending forward and performing many other movements with less effort and pain.

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Head to our website to learn more about our belt's modern EMS and Advanced Targeting Technology, that can help you combat your lower back pain when bending over.


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[1] Hanvold, T. N., Veiersted, K. B., & Wærsted, M. (2010). A prospective study of neck, shoulder, and upper back pain among technical school students entering working life. Journal of Adolescent Health, 46(5), 488-494.

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