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EMS For Back Pain | How Electromagnetic Stimulation May Relieve Lower Back Pain

SUPMOGO For Back Pain

From day 1 the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System belt has been just that - a technological marvel harnessing the fusion of the modern smartphone and proprietary EMS innovation. As a means to strengthen our cores, improve blood circulation, and maximize the value of our time. Whether in the midst of a grueling workout or relaxing at home, Supmogo empowers your own body to harness its own energy. 


However, EMS, or electromagnetic stimulation, sees tremendous value in the reduction of back pain. Back pain is one of the most common reasons people miss work, and one of the most common causes of disability worldwide. It is an insufferable problem that is nearly accepted as part and parcel with the grey of age. Sardonic jokes are made about waking up in your 30's with an arm that won't lift, all the while the body becomes more vulnerable to sudden knots, strains, and limitations in range of motion. Thankfully, EMS is here to help, and while it won't be the miracle cure, there are several ways EMS for back pain is a proven asset in your quest for optimal health.

A Weak Core = A Sore Back

There are two sides to the coin with your SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System belt. We've launched with, and led with the stated initial goal of the belt: to passively strengthen your core while amplifying your results during active work. However, a key component not stated enough is the relationship between the core muscles and back pain. Our core muscles, mainly our abdominal and pelvic regions, largely govern the stability and overall durability of our back. As the preeminent example of the evolution in EMS science, the Supmogo belt is your best bet.

EMS Works For Everyone

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning conducted a study to determine whether top-tier elite athletes would still be able to benefit from the conductive power of EMS, regardless of their existing state of optimal fitness. The enhancement of benefit was unilateral across the board - showing as much value to professional athletes as everyday people. Simply put, regardless of size, shape, fitness level, or the desired benefit, the Supmogo Recovery Flex System belt has something for you.

Better Bloodflow Leads to Faster Healing

EMS leads to an increase and improvement in blood flow throughout the body, beginning with the areas directly beneath your Supmogo belt. The endorphins that are released as a byproduct alongside better-oxygenated blood flow to the area of concern form a one-two punch of pain resistance and healing forces. Additionally, the dispersal of lactic acid from the muscle tissue back into the body systems is another incredible benefit of EMS for back pain. 

Go On Offense!

Treating back pain is often as much about movement as rest and stretching. There are a myriad of benefits associated through the passive fitness lens of Supmogo, but what can be achieved while active is equally as impressive if not more so. Leverage the impressive technology of the Supmogo belt while active, toss it in the washer, and feel the benefits at rest. There is nary a moment your Supmogo belt doesn't have a chance to show its value. In the treatment of back pain, EMS might be the augmentation that helps get you over the top. 

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