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Middle Back Pain | Causes and Treatments!

Feeling tight or tender around your middle back?

This dull, sharp, or stabbing pain can be symptoms of middle back pain sneaking into your life. Believe us; it's not planning to leave you so soon!

The more prone you are to middle back pain, the more you search for remedies, doctors, chiropractors, and other treatments that might help. But your middle back pain might not be the same for another person. Feeling pain in the middle of the back can be caused by multiple factors. 

In this article, we will cover the primary reasons why your middle back hurts in an effort to guide you toward a successful recovery.

Here's what you'll learn in this article.

  • How Does Middle Back Pain Affect Your Daily Life?
  • What Does Middle Back Pain Feel Like?
  • 6 Reasons Why I'm Feeling Middle Back Pain
1. Signs of Aging
2. Herniated Disks
3. Overweight and Obesity
4. Improper Posture and Bad Habits
5. Scoliosis
6. Poor Exercising Techniques 
  • 4 Treatment Therapies To Relieve Middle Back Pain
1. Over-The-Counter Medications 
2. Posture Correction 
3. Exercise And Stretches
4. Supmogo Recovery Flex System Belt


    How Does Middle Back Pain Affect Your Daily Life?

    When you know you can't move or breathe properly, the muscles around your ribs and chest tighten – know that middle back pain is slowly creeping into your life!

    It locks down all the muscle movements it also restricts you from performing any function optimally. Research also shows that back pain disturbs every other routine function in your life, such as sleep, picking things up, driving, walking, lifting, and doing exercises. [1]

    Middle back pain isn't as common as lower or upper back pain. However, if we have to choose the worst type of back pain, we'll surely give the number one award to middle back pain!

    What Does Middle Back Pain Feel Like?

    When experiencing middle back pain, you feel a pinching and stitching pain around your thoracic spine – it's the place under your ribs. This type of pain can surround your chest and rib area, and you may also feel aches and pain in the heart. It usually radiates from the thoracic spine and can spread all over your back, including the upper and lower back regions. 

    6 Reasons Why I'm Feeling Middle Back Pain

    Causes of why you're feeling pain in middle of back can be your irregular lifestyle habits, eating routine, work hours, and so much more, which can contribute to the excruciating pain.

    How about we briefly look at all the causes before getting straight to the treats? Sounds good?

    The following are the 6 primary reasons why you're feeling middle back pain.

    1. Signs of Aging 

    Sadly, as soon as you cross 30, the aging effects start popping up. Your bones start weakening, intervertebral discs start drying out and shrinking, and all your body feels is, weakness and stress. All of these things can trigger pain in mid back. During such complicated times, you are at more risk of feeling severe middle back pain than younger people. 

    2. Herniated Disks

    Arial view of bulging disc with a red circle around where the bulge is pinching the nerve point at the words saying "Bulged & compressed disc". To the right there is a woman holding her middle back due to the pain coming from the disc herniation.

    Disks provide a smooth platform for your spine to move around while you perform activities and movements without bones rubbing each other and causing friction or tension. 

    However, with age the discs that once protected your vertebrae start to decompose and lose their strength. Ultimately, they bulge and become compressed. The vertebrae position disassembles and puts lots of pressure on them. All the nerves in the surrounding areas witness all this happening and report directly to the brain–making you feel severe middle spine pain.

    3. Overweight and Obesity

    Your fast food addiction might be causing your middle back pain. According to research, obesity is a primary reason for developing back pain. You can define obesity as excessive body fat around your abdominal area. That extra weight can put pressure on your pelvis, spine, and bones and make the nerves, muscles, and ligaments sore and tightened–making you feel troubling pain. [2]

    4. Improper Posture and Bad Habits

    A clumsy person is always more prone to getting injuries and back pains. A slouchy or hunched posture can trigger middle back pain. So, it would be best if you look closely at your routine and lifestyle pattern: how you live your life, walk, sit, sleep, etc. You may realize that you have improper posture that may be causing this pain.

    Because if the posture is not improved, you can develop a permanent pressure build-up on the spine, strained muscles, and disassembled discs. 

    5. Scoliosis

    Image of doctor holding an x-ray of a visual of scoliosis in the spine.

    Scoliosis is an inflammation build-up in joints that cause acute pain in the back, glutes, pelvis, and upper legs. Research also states that middle back pain is a primary symptom of scoliosis. We recommend you to visit a chiropractor to get it diagnosed for further treatment options. [3]

    6. Poor Exercising Techniques 

    Poor exercise techniques are among the most common underestimated reasons for middle back pain. People think that they are exercising, so the pain should be gone. However, back pain can start if you're not exercising in the correct position and techniques. 

    Moreover, improper exercise can worsen your situation if you already suffer from mild back pain. 

    4 Treatment Therapies To Relieve Middle Back Pain

    People who suffer from back pain try a wide variety of treatments. According to research, an estimated 200 billion dollars are spent annually on managing back pain. Let's look into the four most commonly used treatments. [4]

    1. Please Rest!

    Fellas, you may not be willing to rest because of demanding lifestyles and extended office hours, but you need rest!

    Your body requires rest, and it'll fall apart if it's not getting it. Just take a break for a day, lay down on your bed, and rest for more hours than you usually do.

    There is more than a 60% chance that the middle back pain will be gone as soon as you wake up. After that, return to your activities slowly. You can take this middle back pain as a reminder nature is giving you to stop and rest for a while. 

    2. Posture Correction 

    Improving your posture may feel like a difficult thing to do, but it's not that tough when you focus on strengthening the muscles that support your spine! Simply attempting to ensure that your spine is straight and not bent when walking, sitting, or doing regular activities becomes difficult and may even put too much strain on the muscles. 

    I know what you're thinking, but the posture correction doesn't make you feel like a freak or do a catwalk; you'll look great and confident with good posture!

    3. Over-The-Counter Medications

    Many back pain medications, such as NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, and many others, are used to treat pain in the middle spine. 

    However, some middle back pains are simply not solved by over-the-counter medications, and require proper intensive care. For such reasons, one should reach out to a chiropractor for professional care.

    4. Exercise and Stretches

    Girl doing dynamic stretches on a yoga mat with a ball and weights to her right. On the top left of the image it says "physical activity".

    Sign up to a gym or physical activity program such as a yoga class. These stretches and exercises will loosen your tightened muscles and strengthen them for further injury prevention. 

    Regular physical activity will ensure that your muscles are familiar with the ups and downs of your routine, and you'll be less prone to middle back pain.

    SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt

    With a close eye on the problem faced by our customers, our team of expert doctors and engineers have worked tirelessly to design the most effective belt that eliminates middle back pain and strengthens the muscles. The SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt wraps around your back to provide instant relief, rehab, and strengthening. Unlike deep tissue massages, or massage guns, this belt targets the deepest layers of the muscles to relieve pain in the body.

    In this device, within the seven layer revolutionary belt, is the advanced targeting technology. It targets and soothes exactly what is causing you to be in pain. From tight muscles and joints to affected nerves, restoring your body to optimal health and vitality. 

    For further information, you can visit our website and learn more about SUPMOGO. 

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    The back pain in the middle back can be exhausting. It can interfere with all aspects of your life and turn it into a living hell. However, you can treat it with moderate exercise, over-the-counter medications, adequate rest, and some posture correction for further prevalence. If you want to maximize your time and take the guesswork out of healing, you can use the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt to get rid of the pain!

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