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5 Best Practices for Menstrual Pain Relief

According to 2022 research, 85.7% of females reported dysmenorrhea, out of which 42.1% had moderate dysmenorrhea and 11.2% had severe dysmenorrhea.

Have you ever wondered how many women in your workplace are striving to give their best every day with a smile on their faces while in excruciating pain?

At SUPMOGO, we are constantly striving to find innovative ways to provide instant relief to these superwomen.

Hats off to the women of this world!

We have gathered 5 menstrual pain relief tips to help you cope with your pain naturally and with guaranteed long-lasting effects.

Skipping all the basic information, let’s dive deep into these incredible 5 best practices for menstrual pain relief!

Here’s what you’ll learn.

  • 5 Best Practices for Menstrual Pain Relief
  1. Acupuncture
             Which Acupuncture Is Best For Menstrual Pain Relief?

     2. Essential Oil Therapy

              Best Oils to Use for Essential Oil Therapy
          3. Yoga
          4. Vitamin and Mineral Therapy
      • Vitamins for Menstrual Pain Relieve
        • Vitamin B1
        • Vitamin B6
        • Vitamin E
        • Vitamin D
      • Minerals for Menstrual Pain Relief:
        • Calcium
        • Magnesium
        • Boron
            5. SUPMOGO RecoveryFlex System

        5 Best Practices for Menstrual Pain Relief


        No matter how often dysmenorrhea tries to prove its love and affection to you by visiting you every month – You just can’t fall in love with it!

        No need to carry this love-hate relationship around. Incorporate these practices into your life and end the uninvited visits of menstrual pain.


        Woman laying face down feeling menstrual pain relief from the acupuncture needles in her back.

        It goes without saying that this has been proven to be highly efficacious in relieving menstrual pain and loads of other body pains too. The best thing about acupuncture is that it not only helps in menstrual cycle pain relief but also reduces pain and length of period pain for future menstrual cycles.

        According to research, acupuncture is much more effective in reducing period pain as compared to pain relief by NSAIDs. [1]

        Which Acupuncture Is Best For Menstrual Pain Relief?

        You can go for manual acupuncture since it is proven more effective than electroacupuncture.

        Essential Oil Therapy

        Next time you’re tossing and turning in bed due to pain, call your masseuse and book an appointment for an essential oil massage!

        Essential oil therapy or aromatherapy is used in three ways,

        • Topical Use
        • Inhalation
        • Oral Use

        However, combing hot oil massage with the benefits of aromatherapy is the best thing you can do for yourself during menstrual pain! The aroma of essential oils travels through the olfactory nerve directly to the brain. It influences the emotional center of the brain – the Amygdala.

        meta-analysis confirmed that aromatherapy has superior effects for pain relief for menstrual cramps compared to placebo therapy. [2]

        According to John Hopkins Medicine, essential oil therapy is also good for anxiety, depression, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and loss of appetite. Here are some essential oils that you can use for massage or aromatherapy.  

        Best Oils to Use for Essential Oil Therapy

        • Lavender
        • Rose
        • Peppermint
        • Fennel


        Have you ever wondered why yoga is the first-line treatment for all mental and physical problems?

        According to American Osteopathic Association, the relaxation techniques used in yoga help to lower chronic pain such as lower back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and whatnot. Hence, Yoga has a long list of benefits for both mental and physical health.

        Similarly, performing yoga every day can be your ticket to a pain-free menstrual cycle. The best thing about yoga is that there are loads of different types of yoga to fit the need of every individual on Earth.

        An experiment conducted on 40 randomly selected undergraduate nursing students proved that menstrual pain intensity and menstrual distress reduced significantly in the experimental group that participated in a 60-minutes yoga program once a week for 12 weeks. [3]

        Vitamin and Mineral Therapy: 

        Woman holding a bottle of vitamins, wearing a SUPMOGO tank top. To the right of her theres a pill design cracked open and minerals are falling out from it.

        How can we forget a healthy diet when talking about menstrual pain remedies that can reduce your symptoms in the long term rather than the short term?

        Now you can start vitamin and mineral therapy in two ways. The first and best way is to add more fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, dairy, and proteins into your diet. In short, eat everything! The other way is to take vitamin and mineral supplements.

        But if, regardless of eating everything, you still don’t feel any better, then get up and go take a look at your pantry and refrigerator.

        Are they filled with packaged and processed foods with minimal nutrients? Or are they filled with fresh and minimally processed foods packed with nutrients?

        The quality of your diet plays a major role in your body’s reaction to any ailment. Whether you want to relieve menstrual pain or you want to fix your gut, heart, liver, kidneys, and everything in between – a clean and fresh diet is the best way to go!

        Here is a list of vitamins that you should consider adding to your diet for the best relief of menstrual pain.

        Vitamins for Menstrual Pain Relieve

        Vitamin B1

        Found in fish, beans, lentils, sunflower seeds, yogurt, green peas, enriched cereals, bread, and rice.

        RDA For Women: 1.1 mg/daily

        Vitamin B6

        Found in poultry, fish, organ meat, beef liver, starchy vegetables, potatoes, and non-citrus fruits.

        RDA For Women: 1.5 mg/day

        Vitamin E

        Found in plant-based oils like wheat germ oil, sunflower, soybean, safflower oil, nuts like peanuts, almonds, and peanut butter, seeds like sunflower seeds, and a few other foods like beet greens, collard greens, spinach, asparagus, red bell pepper, avocado, and mango.

        RDA For Women: 15 mg/day

        Vitamin D

        The best source of vitamin D is sunlight between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. Foods that contain vitamin D are sardines, salmon, tuna, swordfish, cod liver oil, vitamin D-fortified drinks, and beef liver. Fortified orange juices also contain some amount of Vitamin D.

        RDA For Women: 600 IU (15mcg)/day

        Minerals for Menstrual Pain Relief:


        Found in dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese, green leafy vegetables like okra and curly kale, it is also found in broccoli, a few fishes like sardines and pilchards, and calcium-fortified drinks like organic juice or soy milk.

        RDA For Women: 1000 mg/day


        Found in nuts and seeds, whole grains, and legumes, including beans, lentils and chickpeas, spinach, cauliflower, kale, avocado, asparagus, and oranges.

        RDA For Women: 310-320 mg/day


        Found in milk, apples, peaches, kale, spinach, dried and cooked beans, and potatoes.

        According to research, boron supplementation can significantly reduce menstrual cramps due to its anti-inflammatory properties. [4]

        RDA For Women: 1–13 mg/day

        SUPMOGO RecoveryFlex System

        A woman laughing while wearing the SUPMOGO belt at the beach because she is no longer dealing with menstrual cramps. To the right of her it says"you deserve true long-lasting relief". 

        Now here’s the surprise! We understand that sometimes we want a shortcut and need instant menstrual cycle pain relief. That’s why we joined hands with the most qualified doctors, engineers, and fitness professionals to create a revolutionary product for you. Can you guess what it is?

        The SUPMOGO RecoveryFlex System – the best menstrual pain relief device on the market! Its groundbreaking water-activated EMS technology, paired with Advanced Targeting AI Technology, delivers the perfect amount of blood flow to your abdomen and back muscles to calm the roaring pains and bloating. It sends signals directly to the brain to target exactly what's causing your menstrual pain. Getting to the deepest muscle layers generates heat naturally to provide the best long-lasting pain relief for menstrual cramps.

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        The Final Takeaway!

        If nothing works for you or you don’t have time or the right tools to make these shifts instantly don’t worry! Go slow because slow and steady wins the race.

        Start small and incorporate all the practices mentioned above into your life. We guarantee that you will see a tremendous reduction in your menstrual pain!

        But for faster and more effective results, grab your SUPMOGO RecoveryFlex System today and take the guess work out of menstrual pain relief!

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