Does Calisthenics Build Muscle? | Everything You Need to Know!

Does Calisthenics Build Muscle? | Everything You Need to Know!

Whether you’re a workout enthusiast or a beginner, note that losing weight won’t be beneficial if you can’t transform those fat deposits into the muscles to strengthen your body.

Luckily, calisthenics is a training type that helps you reduce weight and tone your body while increasing strength and resistance. As a result, the muscles are toned; hence, your flexibility and endurance are increased.

The best part? A calisthenics workout doesn’t require any tools or extra equipment. You can do these from the comfort of your room.

Are calisthenics good for building muscle? And what are some routines to follow while doing this form of training? Keep reading to find out. 

We will also talk about the following:

  • What is Calisthenics?
  • How Does Calisthenics Build Muscles?
  • Does Weighted Calisthenics Build Muscle?
  • Does Calisthenics Build Muscle Faster Than Weightlifting?
  • Is Calisthenics Workout for You?
  • SUPMOGO RecoveryFlex System

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is strength training workouts that are done using minimal or no equipment. These are primarily done in a rhythmic pattern, and the trainer uses his body weight to perform them.

According to research, Calisthenics helps increase the flexibility and strength of your body, along with providing many other health benefits.[1] It mainly focuses on dynamic and compound movements, so the person gains enough strength to grow muscle mass.

Wondering which exercises are called ‘calisthenics’? Well, most of the warm-up steps that athletes do can be considered calisthenics, as they are done solely using the body’s strength. For example, jumping jacks, pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, etc. These types of workouts also improve a person’s coordination and endurance.

Though calisthenics is a great way to tone and train your body, it's not a permanent alternative to weight training and resistance. As no external weight is used during the workout, your body will eventually reach a plateau, after which progressing further can become a real struggle. 

However, if rigorous and extreme weight resistance is not your goal, you can benefit from calisthenics.

Yet, what are the benefits of these dedicated workouts, and can you gain muscle doing calisthenics? Head on to the next section to find the answer. 

How Does Calisthenics Build Muscle?

Now that you know what types of workouts are considered calisthenics, let’s take the next step in learning how this help to build and maintain muscle.

Many people get confused about whether calisthenics help in muscle hypertrophy considering that no weights are used. But the answer is simple; yes, they do!

Weight training is a great way to gain muscle, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only way. If done right, Calisthenics workouts can also be a great way to build muscle.[2]

All you need to do is select the appropriate workout routine and put in the effort to do it regularly. This will eventually help in muscle hypertrophy and increase the resistance in your body after a few weeks. 

Muscle hypertrophy simply means that the skeletal muscle fibers increase in size due to constant force and tension. So, you need to exert a high level of effort in your workout to build those muscles and overcome the force.

Resistance training, when done regularly, is a great way to increase the resistance in your body, which will eventually increase muscle strength and mass. Using your body weight instead of external ones can also help increase the resistance in your muscles. 

But is calisthenics enough to build muscle? Again, this depends on your goals and the result.

Gaining muscle mass in the upper body is possible by doing calisthenics, but if you’re looking for above-average and high results, then adding weights can also prove fruitful. Nonetheless, it all depends on your needs, and for an average person, calisthenics is enough to build the desired muscles. 

Does Weighted Calisthenics Build Muscle?

Another form of calisthenics workout is weighted calisthenics training. In this type of training, you can add some weights to your body weight to increase the fat-burning and muscle-building process. Weighted calisthenics is called ‘street lifting’ as it involves doing push-ups and squats with some external weight. 

Like calisthenics, weighted calisthenics is also important for building muscles and gaining strength. Not only that, this form of training provides results faster than the standard one.

But, adding weights to your body weight for exercise can cause pain and injuries if not done right. So, always make sure to start slow and keep adding weight as your body’s resistance increases. 

Another important query that people have is, how often should I do calisthenics to build muscle? On average, if you’re an amateur, it can take around six to twelve weeks of consistent training to start seeing the results. 

The workouts must be done at least three times a week, with almost 48 hours between each workout to rest your muscles. Around the third month, you’ll see the muscle gain and experience increased body strength.

Also, ensure that you do each step at least 10 to 12 times with little breaks to get the maximum benefits. But remember that every individual is different, and the duration can vary depending on your starting muscle mass, exercise routine, and intensity. 

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Does Calisthenics Build Muscle Faster Than Weightlifting?

Weight training and calisthenics are great ways to build muscle mass and strength.[3] Other than that, these also increase the resistance in your body, improve muscle endurance, and aid in muscle hypertrophy. 

But, one big con of calisthenics is there comes a time when your body's resistance plateaus, and increasing it further can become a challenge.

That’s where weight training goes a step ahead to help build muscles faster due to the added weights. It targets specific muscles, and the result is better for training those in less time. In addition, it helps build and increase your body’s resistance as you add weight. 

When comparing both training forms, you should keep your goal in mind. For example, if you want to target a specific muscle group and train it, weight training is undoubtedly the better option. Still, calisthenics can be enough if you want overall body strength.

So, Does calisthenics build muscle faster than weight training? The answer is no. Weightlifting is a better option if you want fast results and high resistance. 

Is Calisthenics Workout for You?

By now, you must’ve decided on calisthenics and whether you’re ready to start the routine. But, if you’re still confused about some of its aspects, we have jotted down a few more benefits you can get by regularly working out.

See if these spark your interest:

1. Better Lifestyle

Calisthenics is the perfect way to improve your lifestyle. Once your body gains strength, the daily tasks become easier, and you can do them by putting in less effort.

No more depending on other people to lift heavy objects and carry stuff. Instead, you can do all those chores on your own. According to ResearchGate, Calisthenics is a great way to improve strength, posture and body composition.

2. Reduce Joint Stress

Working out regularly reduces the stress on your joints which often become stiff due to inactivity. As a result, the joints will age slowly and remain healthy for longer.

3. Enhance endurance

Lastly, aerobic and muscle endurance is significantly increased by doing calisthenics workouts. Better endurance means you can perform high-intensity tasks on your own. Feels liberating, doesn’t it? 

SUPMOGO RecoveryFlex System Belt

Strengthening your muscles and core is the top purpose of a calisthenics workout. It helps build resistance and increase muscle mass for a healthier body. If your goal is to increase the strength in your body, then apart from these workouts, you can also invest in a SUPMOGO RecoveryFlex System.

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Working out is essential whether you like strength training or want to tone your body. However, choosing the correct workouts for your body can help you achieve the goal faster and better than general exercises.

So, choose carefully between calisthenics and weight lifting by considering your fitness goals. Using SUPMOGO RecoveryFlex System Belt will enhance the effectiveness of any workout you do, so don't forget to wear your fitness partner.


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