How Does the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt Strengthen Your Core Muscles?

How Does the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt Strengthen Your Core Muscles?

Let's be honest; most of us are guilty of sitting with the wrong posture. We all promise to fix it and try to, but again find ourselves sitting in the same position. Over time, it leads to weak core muscles, back pain, and poor stability.

So, what’s the solution?

  • Consciously train and strengthen your muscles to maintain a healthy posture
  • Do energy-draining core strengthening exercises
  • Take supplements

Sounds tough? Then just wear the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt, it’s designed to synchronize with your body and deliver exactly what you need. Whether you unknowingly have one side of your abdomen stronger than the other, inflammation, bloating, a hip imbalance, or anything else, the SUPMOGO belt receives and sends signals to and from your brain.

Its water-activated advanced targeting technology contracts your abdominal muscles in such a natural way, it recruits more muscle fibers to build a stronger core with minimal effort. Below we have provided the complete details of this belt but first, let's learn about the signs of weak core muscles!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article.

  • 5 Signs of Weak Core Muscles
    • Poor Posture
    • Lower Back Pain
    • Difficulty in Getting Up and Sitting Down
    • No Energy to Do a Workout
    • Poor Balance
  • Simplest Way to Strengthen Your Core Muscles with SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt
  • 7 Ways How SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt Strengthens Your Core Muscles
    • Improve Balance & Mobility
    • Effortless Posture Correction
    • Enhance Strength
    • Boost Metabolism
    • Speed Up Muscle Recovery
    • Increase Stability
    • Immediate Back Pain Relief

5 Signs of Weak Core Muscles

If you have weak core muscles, it will affect almost every area of your life. Even doing routine tasks will become challenging. Here are the five warning signs of poor core stability:

1. Poor Posture

According to research, postural patterns are linked with pain. A good posture can help to reduce shoulder/spinal pain and vice versa. [1]

You find it hard to maintain a healthy posture when you have a weak core. You are more likely to slump or slouch, which will put extra stress on your body tissues resulting in pain.

2. Lower Back Pain

One of the prominent causes of lower back pain is poor core stability.

Most new moms face lower back pain issues since their abdominal and pelvic muscles weaken after delivering the baby. It is also common in older adults and aged people due to the degeneration of the spine's joints.

A study was done in 2015, which proved that there is a close association between back pain intensity and weak core muscles.[2]

3. Difficulty in Getting Up & Sitting Down 

Mobility issues are another red flag and occur when your core muscles are unfit and need strengthening. Sounds confusing? Let us explain.

Core muscles are divided into two groups, including movers and stabilizers. Movers help you to perform basic tasks like twisting, bending backward, standing, etc. While stabilizers don't move, they assist in maintaining stability.

Proper coordination between movers and stabilizers is needed to function your core correctly. When your core muscles are weak, they fail to maintain this coordination and make it tough to make movements.

4. No Energy to Do a Workout

If your core is not functioning correctly, you'll find it hard to maintain even a simple yoga posture. The workout will feel like an energy-draining activity and make you sluggish.

5. Poor Balance

Core muscles help to maintain proper balance and keep us safe from falling. Those having poor core stability will be more prone to injuries and toppling over.

Simplest Way to Strengthen Your Core Muscles with SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt

See how a single issue like a weak core can deprive the quality of your life? However, strengthening is not easy, and requires proper time and effort.

Want to know about a miraculous solution?

Use our specially designed SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt is made for the people like you looking for smart and innovative ways to biohack their core muscles and increase recovery time.

Designed by world-class doctors and engineers who pay special attention to every detail to provide you with the best. From its proprietary fabric to its mind-blowing technology that is not available anywhere else in the market!

Its water-activated EMS technology delivers 10x faster results and strengthens the deepest muscle layers by promoting muscle contractions. The best part? It is backed with a Smart Control App, so you can customize your session to your liking, simply adjust the duration of contraction, intensity, and rest time according to your needs.

7 Ways How The SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt Strengthens Your Core Muscles

This belt looks pretty simple at first glance but do you know there is a complete science behind every feature?

For example, its revolutionary fabric is discreet yet flexible and gives you a hassle-free experience. Also, it contains nano-scale silver lining which has natural anti-radiation, anti-bacterial , anti-odor, and anti-static properties.

Now let's check out how this fantastic belt can help resolve your core-related issues!

1. Improve Balance & Mobility

According to research, core stability plays a vital role in human movement and daily activities. So, it's essential to intentionally engage your core muscles which is not easy. [3]

Using the SUPMOGO fitness wearable makes this task pretty simple since it is powered with water-activated EMS technology. Hence, minerals are drawn from your nervous system that improves muscle contraction and mobility.

Result? Routine tasks like turning, lifting, and bending will no longer be painful. You'll be able to carry out your daily activities without any trouble. Just wear the belt for 30-60 minutes every day and train your core and back muscles without a hassle!

2. Fix Posture Issues

Once you become habitual of sitting in the wrong posture, it becomes daunting to change this habit. Over time, it leads to back, shoulder, neck, and other musculoskeletal issues.

Studies suggest that yoga postures can help to improve core stability. [4]

However, the issue is that with poor core and back muscle you will be unable to correct posture even for a few minutes without causing strain to the body. It’s like trying to hold a 30lbs weight all day, yes you may be able to in the beginning but over time your muscles will give out because they aren’t strong enough to keep that up for hours. The SUPMOGO back support belt comes in handy in this regard and ultimately helps you to improve your posture.

3. Enhance Strength

Your core muscles help you to carry out routine activities. With a weak core, you'll feel less energetic; your endurance will decrease, resulting in a high risk of injuries.

This situation becomes more severe if you are an athlete and need to perform high-intensity activities daily. SUPMOGO, your best companion, will assist you by improving your core strength and soothing discomfort. Its water-activated patented fabric synchronizes with your body to strengthen and rehab all 4 muscle layers.

It increases the speed of contraction which improves blood flow to the muscles and increases muscle tone.

Check out this video to see how SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt works for abdominal muscle strengthening!

4. Boost Metabolism

Poor metabolism slows the calorie-burning process, and hence, more fat is stored in your body. You may become prone to gaining weight and developing associated issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

The SUPMOGO back pain relief belt uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation to deliver natural muscle contraction that generates heat through increased blood flow and boosts your metabolism. The natural heat induces the process of burning calories even if you are resting comfortably in your bed. It burns 5x more calories while strengthening your abdominal and core muscles.

This makes the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt a lifesaver for those who want to boost their weight loss process. Supplement your diet and exercise with SUPMOGO and get faster results! Receive SUPMOGO’s FREE customized nutrition plan by emailing us at with your weight and sex.

5. Speed Up Muscle Recovery

When you do high-intensity exercises, your muscles undergo microscopic tears, and it's completely natural. However, if the tear is greater, you may develop a sore muscle and muscle ruptures in some cases.

Muscle recovery is also a natural process, but some ways can help speed it up. These include consuming a balanced diet especially high in proteins, getting proper sleep, and using recovery methods.

Besides, we can't overlook the importance of neuromuscular electrical stimulation in healing muscles. The research backs this that electrical stimulation helps to improve recovery after intensive training. [5]

The good news? Advanced targeting technology of the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt speeds up muscle recovery.

6. Increase Stability

Whether you are an athlete or not, you need proper stability. It helps to maintain balance and keep you safe from any unpleasant experience while holding heavy objects, climbing stairs, etc. Weak core results in poor stability and other interlinked issues.

One of the significant benefits of the SUPMOGO back pain relief belt is that it enhances your strength and improves stability.

7. Immediate Back Pain Relief

Back pain stems from poor sitting posture, stiffness, and sore muscles. Women often face hard-to-bear back pain during their periods.

The SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System belt's water-activated technology helps combat back pain and provide immediate relief.


Weak core muscles cause low endurance levels, back pain, poor stability, and slow metabolism. It deteriorates the quality of your life and may lead to severe issues if left untreated.

Make your life easy with the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt that sorts all core-related issues. It is specially made for the people like you with revolutionary fabric and advanced targeting technology.

Still, confused about whether you should purchase it or not? Check out 10 huge benefits of using the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt or see what our customers are saying about us in the review section!

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