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Stop Looking for Gifts for Back Pain | SUPMOGO is the Ultimate Relief!

Lower back pain is a common problem that can cause great suffering! It is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, with an estimated 577 million people affected. 

You might be familiar with someone who suffers from back pain. If it's someone you love, we understand how hard it would be to see them in such misery.

So, why don't you gift them something to help find relief?

Several market remedies, medications, pain relief belts, and other approaches can help ease back pain. However, SUPMOGO Regenerative Belts are the best gift for people with back pain. It is a miracle for anyone who struggles with back pain. 

SUPMOGO utilizes water activated EMS technology offering a new form of back support through muscle stimulation to rehab & strengthen. There is no undo button to disk degeneration but what you can do is strengthen the muscles that support the spine. SUPMOGO belts are able to strengthen the deepest layer muscle with a smart app remote. The app allows you to control the strength, how deep in the muscles, for how long, & the rest time in between each contraction/pulse providing you the ultimate relief. 

When choosing a belt for a back pain sufferer, there are a few things to remember. Let's have a look at what things you should consider before buying a belt as a gift for back pain. 

Here's what you'll learn.

  • Who Needs Gifts for Back Pain?
  • Workaholics / Desk Jobs / Physical Labor Jobs
      • Older Age / Eldery 
      • Gym Goers / Exercise Enthusiasts 
      • Pregnancy / Postpartum 
      • Women During Their Menstrual Cycle 
    • Things To Look For When Buying A Belt For Back Pain
    • The Science Behind Stimulation Belt Therapy
    • Try SUPMOGO for the Ultimate Back Pain Relief!

    Who Needs Gifts for Back Pain?

    Workaholics / Desk Jobs / Physical Labor Jobs

    We live in a world where companies demand work at the expense of our health. Research demonstrated that high workload, deadline pressure, and job dissatisfaction increase the risk of lower back pain. [1]

    Someone in our circle is always binged on their laptop for work. Or some workaholic friend always goes for a massage on weekends because of excessive workload and extended desk job hours.

    For such people, a SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt for their back pain relief will be a blessing in disguise. They can even wear the belt during office hours underneath their clothes or after they get home from work. 

    man on the right of the image leaning forward on two cardboard boxes holding his back with an expression of pain. On the boxes says "perfect gift for rehab" and above is the SUPMOGO logo

    Older Age / Elderly 

    Over time, our body, mind, bones, organs, and nearly everything start slowly wearing down. Your spine and core become weak as many changes occur, making them more delicate and prone to pain.

    According to research in 2017, low back pain is one of the primary disabling health conditions in older adults of 60+. Therefore, back relieving products are among the best gifts for back pain in older adults. [2]

    SUPMOGO’s stimulation belt will serve as an excellent gift for mom and dad with back pain. Moreover, you can give it to any older person, such as your aunts, uncles, grandparents, or even your boss!

    Gym Goers / Exercise Enthusiasts 

    Gym goers are always fond of adding more weights to their workouts. Some fitness lovers overburden themselves with weights and strenuous exercises. Exercise enthusiasts of all kinds always push themselves to the limit, continuing to challenge themselves. It is essential to have goals and work hard, but to also be smart about it. Oftentimes overtraining or just overuse in general can occur causing significant muscle soreness. Not dealing with this muscle pain can lead to plenty of health concerns to their lives–a major one being back pain from these tight muscles or worse, injuries.

    However, the after-effects of back pain are preventable. Using a belt like the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System to warm up the muscles, strengthen the deepest layer muscles that support the core (abdominal & back) and relieve strain for faster recovery is life changing. If you have any friend or loved one obsessed with exercising, this back relieving and strengthening belt is a great gift to give them to help with their overall core strength and muscle recovery. 

    Pregnancy / Postpartum 

    Pregnancy and back pain have been best friends for eternity. We haven't witnessed any pregnancy that is not affiliated with back pains in a long time. Pregnant and postpartum women are always seen as a woman holding their backs. 

    Pregnant women mostly face back pain issues during the fifth to the seventh month of pregnancy. During this time, the backbones are contrasting, making a place for the baby to fit in as it grows bigger each day. However, more problems make their way during the postpartum stages. 

    But how can you safely beat that pain during these sensitive times when the body is dealing with or recovering from pregnancy? How can you get your body back to its previous non-pregnancy shape? 

    The SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt is your answer. Back rehab and strengthening belts are good gifts for back pain, especially in postpartum. A 2022 study demonstrated that lumbar support is an early rehabilitative treatment for women facing postpartum posterior pelvic pain. [3]

    girl sitting down on the right of the image smiling and on her tablet wearing the SUPMOGO Regenerative Wearable Belt free of pain. On the top left of the image it says postpartum & menstrual pain.

    Women During Their Menstrual Cycle 

    Women and their pains associated with menstruation are a never-ending war. According to research, around 40% to 50% of the women population experience lower back pain during their menstrual cycle. This lower back pain intensity depends on the female's health. It may worsen if you have conditions such as endometriosis. 

    Women are always searching for approaches that can lower these excruciating pains. If you or someone you know is dealing with these menstrual pains, back pain belts are one of the best gifts you can give them. Having an on-the-go option like the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System for pain relief is convenient and discreet so you can get back to enjoying your days.

    Females can wear their SUPMOGO belt underneath their clothes and continue doing all the essential chores. No more holding your back and laying in bed for the entire week. Spend your menstrual days as energetically as your normal days! 

    Things to Look For When Buying a Belt for Back Pain

    Finding the right type of belt for a gift is mandatory because not all belts do the right job. Use the following points as references to help you find the best type of back pain relief belt. 

    • First, the belt should be made from a breathable material that will not irritate the skin. It would be best to look for fabric made with Nano-scale silver ions. The silver ion fabrics are noted with no side effects compared to other chemical or substance-based fabrics. 
    • Second, it should be adjustable so that it can sit snug to the skin to provide support with effective stimulation. Don’t buy a belt that’s too constricting–over tightening can lead to the weakening of the muscles. You don’t want your body depending on any belt for support. What you want is to use your belt to turn pain back into power so your body recovers faster, gets stronger and stays healthy.
    • Third, it should be antibacterial and anti-odor because they may irritate sensitive skin. You definitely don't want a healing belt turning into a misery belt for your loved one.
    • Fourth, the technology used to make the belt work should be well functioning, durable yet natural.
    • Finally, it should be comfortable to wear during daily movements as well as discreet so you can take it on the go with you or use it whenever needed throughout the day.

    These are all crucial factors that the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt embraces! 

    The Science behind Simulation Belt Therapy

    There are a few different types of belts available on the market, each with its benefits and technologies. Back braces and support belts are some of the most common. 

    According to research in 2021, back bracing showed promising results of improvements in infants with idiopathic infantile scoliosis. [4]

    While back bracing and support belts can be helpful, overuse of them can also weaken the muscles over time thus resulting in even more pain eventually. The majority of back paining scenarios require actual stimulation to the muscles so your body can repair and rebuild to support itself. 

    The SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System allows for direct skin contact using water activated EMS technology which contracts the muscles in the targeted area speeding up blow flow. This increase in blood circulation to the muscle tissues applies warmth that helps to relax the muscles and reduce pain. This process also speeds up the heart rate (similar to when doing exercise), and the body begins to naturally heat up causing the person to sweat. SUPMOGO uses the minerals in the water as well as the minerals in the body to target the root of the issue. This type of stimulation offers much more than just support and relief, but the ability to truly rehabilitate and strengthen your muscles. 

    Try SUPMOGO For The Ultimate Back Pain Relief!

    If you're roaming the internet to search for the best gifts for someone with back pain, then stop here. Why don't you try and give the SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System belt a shot, which is a real lifesaver for back pains? It's crucial to choose back pain gifts to help them not only manage their pain, but strengthen the muscles to keep the pain away!

    Check out the article covering Is The Supmogo Recovery Flex System Belt All Natural? | The Truth!

    The SUPMOGO Recovery Flex System Belt is the ultimate relief! It is a great back pain relief gift you can offer anyone or use yourself. It works with water-activated technology, is antibacterial, anti-odor, anti-static, and supports thermal insulation. 

    Moreover, the benefits to using the SUPMOGO belt’s conductive fabric is the promotion and increase of blood circulation to muscle tissues, elimination or significant reduction of muscle fatigue achieving the function of healthcare and wellness.  

    What are you waiting for? Check out SUPMOGO's Recovery Flex System Belt today and find out the best gift for back pain to give to your loved ones!

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